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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that newsletters are the new ‘in’ thing to do. In fact, people have gone so far as to call email newsletters a “new literary genre.”

What started out as a mere hobby for some has blossomed into a full-grown profession, with perks and hefty salaries. From TinyLetter to Substack to Revue, the email newsletter empire has grown immensely in the last couple of years.

Sure, the pandemic gets some credit for getting newsletters off the ground. Stuck at home, with only our devices for company, so many of us increased content consumption — TikToks, Reels, Email Newsletters have become a norm.

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve written many a newsletter for brands and B2B companies. Last year, I took the plunge and started my own one too. That meant I was reading several newsletters every day — both as part of my research and leisure.

So I present to you twenty-two newsletters you need to check out in 2022 to make your inbox a happier, smarter, and kinder place.

P.S. Because I’m a freelance writer and content marketer, my recommendations will veer more towards writing than anything else!

These are the newsletter I always open whenever they hit my inbox.

1. Lance, Anna Codrea-Rado

Lance was one of the first newsletters I subscribed to — almost two years ago now. Anna explores freelancing, writing, and productivity from incredibly different and thought-provoking perspectives.

Her issues about goal fatigue and the crushing feels of dealing with email roulette as a freelancer were two of my favourite issues.

2. Kat Boogaard’s Weekly Newsletter

Geared towards freelancers (and sometimes specifically freelance writers), Kat talks about highly relatable things in a very easy-to-read manner. Simplicity and getting to the point are important factors because I spend A LOT of time reading things.

There’s no archive, but I highly recommend checking out her Insta and Twitter for the aforementioned relatable content.

3. The Curious Bunch, Vidya

Vidya’s newsletter sits neatly in the nexus of creativity and productivity. Every week, she curates a free selection of interesting reads, valuable links, and helpful resources.

Personally, some of the articles she’s linked to in her newsletter have changed my life for the better. Plus, I’ve got a whole host of tools and apps bookmarked and ready to go for any situation too.

What makes this newsletter stand out for me is that Vidya is incredibly down-to-earth and forthcoming with her knowledge. As a fledgling newsletter writer, I’d reached out to her last year before launching Perceptive Madness. She not only answered all my questions but also linked me to a bunch of resources that made for good research.

4. Kings of Conversion, by Robert Allen

Any copywriter or content marketer worth their salt knows about the Kings of Conversion newsletter. If you didn’t, that’s okay. It’s not too late, really.

Rob’s daily newsletter explores copywriting for businesses, brands, enterprises, ecommerce, and more. What sets his newsletter apart for me is that he shares important tips and critical insights with real-life, daily examples. Whether it’s tackling cold emails or dopamine detoxing, I really enjoy reading his emails — now that’s a feat for a daily newsletter.

5. Writer’s HQ

Remember what I said about loving informally written, casual newsletters? The Writer’s HQ newsletter is all that + swearing, and it’s legit such a joy to read every time it hits my inbox. It used to come out every week, but I think it’s once a month now.

This one is a creative writing newsletter (less about the freelance copywriting bit). The writers take everyday situations and extrapolate insights that will motivate you to get writing and make a move on that book/short story/novella that’s inside your brain.

6. The Fierce, by Sonia Simone

Copyblogger is a staple for all budding copy and content writers. Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Copyblogger, Sonia has a weekly newsletter called The Fierce, where she teaches writers how to write and market themselves better. Most creatives tend to shy away from promoting themselves because they don’t want to ‘cheapen’ their passion or work, so this newsletter can help you learn to ask for what you’re worth.

In 2021, Sonia wrote 104 emails every day as part of her Summer of Strategy, and every single one of them was insightful and enjoyable to read.

7. Sidekick

My favourite from the Morning Brew family of newsletters, Sidekick, is a bi-weekly (twice a week) newsletter. It explores work culture, productivity hacks, and some generic fun stuff like shows to watch, the music you need on your playlist, and recipes to try out.

Plus, I really like their Mystery Boxes — a random surprise to look forward to in every issue.

8. Books on GIF

I haven’t read a book that’s not a graphic novel or a reread in a long, long time. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying Books on GIF’s whimsical and entertaining GIF-y book reviews.

9. Not a Newsletter, by Dan Oshinsky

Time to get a little meta. Dan’s Not a Newsletter is technically a Google Doc, but it comes out every single month, and you can find out everything’s that’s happening within the newsletter world. This is THE newsletter to read if you want to start a newsletter of your own. Lord knows I read it like the Holy Bible.

10. Out of Office Network

I’m all about drawing boundaries between my work and my non-work life. It’s a slippery slope into overworking, a job-related identity crisis, or burning out. That’s why I really enjoy the out of office network newsletter that tackles work wellness and reimagining play, fun, and creativity into work.

11. Neville Medhora’s Newsletter

Another one for writers, Neville’s newsletter teaches you copywriting techniques and shares tips to work smarter and better (including some nice productivity hacks). He also sends a STUPID email every Friday — that stands for Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing.

A small note: The emails will get repetitive after a while. The newsletter covers a few core topics and aspects, and soon, you’ll get rehashed versions of it (paraphrased but essentially the same content).

12. 3–2–1, by James Clear

The author of Atomic Habits, that book that teaches you to be 1% better each day, also has a weekly newsletter where he shares 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 question for you to introspect on. Pretty Clear, eh?

13. Sketchplanations

Exactly what it sounds like. Interesting things, concepts, and ideas explained through sketches.

14. The In-Between Newsletter, by Griffin Prock

Remember all the useful things school taught us? Like how to write a cheque or file taxes? No? They really should have because most of us are struggling™. The In-Between Newsletters is Griffin’s way of helping us learn about life, finances, and career things simply and easily.

15. Marketing Examples, Harry Dry

Another 3–2–1 newsletter, but this one’s for copywriters, marketers, and anyone interested in sales or something in that vein. Harry shares 3 short examples (often real-life ones) to emulate, 2 copywriting tips, and 1 tweet.

16. Ambition and Balance, Doist

The only ‘brand’ newsletter to make the cut, Doist’s infrequent yet memorable newsletter is a great read for productivity tips, work/life balance, organization, and a general get-things-done vibe.

17. The Single Supplement, Nicola Slawson

Nicola explores singlehood, particularly for women, in this very honest and open newsletter. Instead of being patronizing and encouraging her followers or herself to seek out love to end their singledom, Nicola openly challenges societal norms and stigma while upholding the choice of partnership (or lack thereof) for single, independent women.

18. Filter Coffee

This one is slightly more geared towards news about Indian startups, global stock markets and major events, and business updates. The unique bit about this newsletter is that it simplifies all the jargon and shares the important stuff in a very Gen Z-friendly manner, ready to consume in under 2–5 minutes every morning.

P.S. I once wrote for them, and it was really fun!

19. Counterflows, Lauren Razavi

I’ve been working remotely since before the pandemic, so my interest in remote work only skyrocketed in the last two years. Lauren curates links about remote work, borderless living, and digital nomads. Given how many companies are now remote-first, it only makes sense to gain more information about what the world is doing and what we can expect with remote work in the near future.

20. Marketing Brew

This one’s geared towards North American marketers, but we all know those trends eventually become global. Thrice a week (which fills up your inbox quickly), and full of updates of what’s happening within marketing. Plus, they have a little section called French Press with some neat tips and tricks for social media marketing and advertising.

21. Not Controversial, Nia Carnelio

Yep, this one’s my newsletter. Every week, I explore a topic that shouldn’t be controversial but for some reason is in our society and culture. Honest money talks, hustle culture breakdowns, pop and work culture criticism, and spicy lit takes are what you can expect in your inbox every week. It’s free and my subscribers think it’s excellent, so I think you might like it too. I also share 3–5 cool links in every issue — resources, tools, reads, and wholesome weekly reminders to make your inbox (and your mind) a nicer place.

22. The Sample

Somehow, if your inbox still feels empty after the 21 recommendations I just shared, you need to sign up to The Sample. You pick a few topics that interest you, and every day they’ll forward you a brand new newsletter. Sometimes you’ll get something you enjoy, and you can subscribe to that newsletter with one click. This is a great way to discover some underrated and niche newsletters that haven’t gotten famous yet but cater to your interests.

BONUS: Refind is a free daily newsletter that sends you seven curated links every day, shaping your interests and introducing you to a bunch of cool stuff from around the world.

Whew, that’s about it.

Which newsletters from this list do you already subscribe to? Which ones made the cut and made it to your inbox?

Let me know below! 💌

P.S. Some of those are referral links, but I make no money. I might get a free resource or something, but absolutely no money.



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